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RobojinAI is an AI-powered tool designed specifically for customer support. It seamlessly integrates with popular customer support systems like Crisp Chat, Intercom, and Freshdesk, offering enhanced response capabilities.

Using RobojinAI, businesses can provide prompt, accurate, and helpful responses to customer queries, leading to reduced wait times and increased customer satisfaction.One of the key benefits of RobojinAI is its ability to harness ChatGPT technology, which allows it to provide consistent and high-quality answers based on various sources such as website content, knowledge base, PDF documents, SOPs, and FAQs.

This ensures that customers receive accurate information and support.Additionally, RobojinAI is capable of handling a high volume of inquiries simultaneously, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

It also supports multiple languages, enabling inclusive and accessible customer service on a global scale.RobojinAI offers different pricing plans to cater to varying requirements.

These plans include features like the number of chatbots, web/PDF pages, languages supported, and ChatGPT response limits. There is also a custom plan option for businesses with specific needs.It is important to note that RobojinAI requires users to provide their own OpenAI API key for training the chatbot and answering customer inquiries.

The tool ensures the security of API keys by encrypting and storing them safely in the database.The integration of RobojinAI with popular chat providers like Crisp Chat is already available, with integration options for Intercom, Zendesk, and Freshdesk coming soon.

Overall, RobojinAI empowers businesses to improve their customer support capabilities by leveraging AI technology.


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Robojin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrated with popular support systems
Enhanced response capabilities
Reduces customer wait times
Harnesses ChatGPT technology
Consistent, high-quality answers
Handles high volume of inquiries
Supports multiple languages
Different pricing plans
Custom plan option
Secure API keys
Upcoming integration with Zendesk
Increases staff productivity
Trains on various content
Supports 50+ languages
Plans include chatbot count
Plans include Web/PDF pages
ChatGPT response limits
Ability to self-host
Fine-tuned model on your data
Supports encrypted docs in DB
Webpages content broken into parts


Limited GPT response rates
Precise content length requirement
No free plan available
Specific website content training
Limited team members support
Incomplete Intercom, Zendesk integration


What is RobojinAI?
How does RobojinAI integrate with customer support systems like Crisp Chat, Intercom, and Freshdesk?
What is ChatGPT technology?
How does RobojinAI use ChatGPT technology to enhance customer support?
Can RobojinAI handle multiple inquiries simultaneously?
In what languages can RobojinAI provide responses?
What pricing plans does RobojinAI offer?
Can RobojinAI be customized according to my business needs?
Why does RobojinAI require my OpenAI API key?
How does RobojinAI ensure the security of my OpenAI API key?
Is integration with Zendesk and Freshdesk available right now?
Does the number of chatbots differ in each pricing plan?
What is the difference between a plan with my own OpenAI key and one without?
How many team members can use RobojinAI under each pricing plan?
Is there a limit to how many ChatGPT responses I can get per month?
How does the training process with my website content, knowledge base, PDF documents, SOPs and FAQs work?
What happens if a webpage on my site has more than 1200 words?
Can RobojinAI be self-hosted?
How are my support documents encrypted in the database?
Are there any upcoming features or advancements on RobojinAI?

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