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Krashless is an AI platform designed to empower businesses in creating their own AI-as-a-service platforms quickly and easily. It offers advanced and user-friendly features to simplify the process.

The tool provides dynamic tools that allow users to build and configure personalized AI experiences through prompts and tools. It also features a chat playground where users can engage in full and engaging conversations with AI without topic restrictions.

Krashless supports multilingual capabilities, enabling businesses to reach global audiences and connect with international users easily. Additionally, it offers collaborative workspaces, allowing customers to form teams and shared workspaces for seamless collaboration.

The platform ensures easy payments with Stripe integration, providing hassle-free production-ready payment solutions. It also offers easy scalability, with regular updates and upgrades to provide access to the latest AI tools and features.

Krashless follows a simple and efficient process for users to get their AI-as-a-service platform up and running. This includes registration, starting a new project, customization to add brand details and set up AI prompts, and finally launching the platform to start generating revenue.

Flexible pricing options are available to suit different needs, including a free plan with access to unlimited dynamic custom prompts, latest technologies, open chat with AI, custom domains, multilingual support, priority email support, workspaces, and custom chat bots (coming soon).

Testimonials highlight Krashless' positive impact on business operations, revenue growth, productivity, and overall user experience. The tool also offers a free trial with no commitment required for businesses looking to kickstart their AI-as-a-service venture.


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