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Improved team productivity with streamlined workflows.
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DailyBot is an AI-powered tool that enhances daily workflows and communication within team chat platforms such as Slack, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Discord.

The tool offers a variety of features, including automated workflows, surveys, peer recognition, mood tracking, and more, which aims to streamline processes and save time for team members.

DailyBot's AI capabilities allow it to quickly process and analyze data and provide accurate and helpful answers to a wide range of questions without having to leave the chat.

It can also help users prioritize tasks, keep track of deadlines, and make informed decisions quickly. Additionally, its approachable and friendly personality makes it easy for users to interact with, can potentially reduce work-related stress, and improve work-life balance.The tool offers different solution kits tailored to specific team functions, including daily standups, remote work, marketing, and social wellness.

DailyBot has integrations with leading chat platforms and provides various resources, including quick-start guides, automation sheets, and API docs to help users understand the tool's full potential.

With thousands of startups and Fortune 500 companies using DailyBot daily, the tool aims to enhance communication, improve workflows, and ultimately increase productivity within teams.


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DailyBot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrated with popular chat platforms
Automates workflows
Conducts surveys
Peer recognition feature
Tracks moods
Compatible with Slack, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Discord
Provides helpful answers within chat
Time-saving tool for teams
Friendly, approachable personality
Reduces work-related stress
Improves work-life balance
Tailored solution kits
Supports daily standups, remote work, marketing, wellness
In-depth resources provided
Quick-start guides available
Automation sheets included
API docs for in-depth understanding
Used by startups and Fortune 500 firms
Communication enhancer
Improves decision-making process
Task and deadline tracking
Prioritizes tasks efficiently
Eases information search and retrieval
Boosts productivity with automated workflows
Effectively manages deadlines
Speeds up decision making
Automates repetitive tasks
Streamlines manual processes
Reduces errors and inconsistencies
Improves work efficiencies
Forms function for data collection
Add-on features for engagement
Specialized solution kits per team function
Positive impact on work culture
Real-time chat responses
Informative blog for users
Community engagement platforms
Learning resources for beginners
Specialized assistance for different teams
Simplifies work flows with Automation
Offers standardized workflows


Limited platform integration
Communication primarily through chat
Relies heavily on third-party platforms
Personality may not suit all users
No native mobile application
Automated workflows might seem impersonal
Need to learn specific commands
Visibility issues due to chat-based UI


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What resources does DailyBot offer to help me get started?
Can DailyBot help me keep track of deadlines?
How friendly is interacting with DailyBot?
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How can DailyBot help with stress at work?
Does DailyBot offer any fun add-ons like watercoolers or random coffees?
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Does DailyBot have specific tools for remote working environments?

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