Q&A 09 Mar 2023
Real-time business insights and web searches for teams.

Generated by ChatGPT

Groupthink is an AI tool that integrates with team chat platforms to provide instant business insights and web searches. The tool allows team members to add AI analysts to their conversations to gain real-time insights into their team chat discussions.

Groupthink offers a web search engine that provides accurate answers to questions that require web research, rather than simply crafting clever but inaccurate responses.

The platform also allows teams to quickly access Google Analytics data to identify and address issues, gain insights on website performance and make data-driven decisions.

With Groupthink, teams can ask questions and get answers that rely on real-time data, rather than assumptions or guesswork. Groupthink is suited for teams who want to improve their collaboration efforts and who value real-time access to data-driven insights.

It is available for free and can be used on various devices, including mobile browsers. In addition, Groupthink will soon launch its native iOS app. Overall, it is a valuable tool for businesses that require quick and useful data analysis and aim to make their team chat discussions more productive and efficient with the help of AI.


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