WordPress Q&A 2023-02-13
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Chatbot providing WordPress support information.
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ChatWP is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that provides direct answers to WordPress questions. It is trained on the official WordPress documentation and has been designed to provide accurate and truthful responses.

By using the simple API, ChatWP enables businesses to easily create and integrate their own custom chatbot into websites, WordPress, apps, plugins, Slack and other platforms.

It can index support documents, code, blog posts and internal knowledge bases, and supports embeddable widgets for quick integration. ChatWP is developed by Aaron Edwards, founder of Imajinn AI, Infinite Uploads and Web3 WP, and Chief Technology Officer at WPMU DEV.

It is free to use, and a custom chatbot service for businesses and websites is forthcoming.


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ChatWP was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Trained on official WordPress documentation
Simple API
Custom chatbot creation
Indexing support documents functionality
Handles code, blog posts
Internal knowledge bases support
Supports embeddable widgets
Designed by experienced developer
Free-to-use tool
Forthcoming custom chatbot service
GitHub integration for code
Inbuilt system for documentation
Handles WordPress exports, RSS feeds
Powerful API for integrations
Enhances staff efficiency
Documents crawler for quick indexing
Supports multi-platform integration
Quick website integration via widget
Supports information updates
Q&A from your data


Only focused on WordPress
Doesn't support multiple languages
No mention of offline use
No API documentation provided
Cannot index dynamic content
Assumes advanced technical know-how
Unspecified data update frequency
Potential for inaccurate information
Limited to specific platforms
Learning accuracy depends on data


What is ChatWP?
How does ChatWP work?
What kind of questions can ChatWP answer?
How can I integrate ChatWP into my website?
What platforms does ChatWP support?
Does ChatWP provide answers to only WordPress related questions?
What is the source of information for ChatWP?
Who is the developer of ChatWP?
What is the price of using ChatWP?
Can ChatWP index internal knowledge bases?
Is ChatWP able to index code documentation?
Can I create my own custom chatbot with ChatWP?
Can ChatWP be integrated into Slack and other platforms?
Does ChatWP have an API?
How often is the data that ChatWP uses, updated?
What languages does ChatWP support?
Can I embed ChatWP onto my app or plugin?
What does the future hold for ChatWP?
What is the purpose of the waitlist on the ChatWP website?
Will there be a custom chatbot service for businesses in the future?
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