Podcast Q&A 2023-05-16
Assisted podcast search and Q&A.
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Dexa is an AI-powered tool that assists users in exploring, searching, and asking questions about their favorite podcasts. The tool allows users to sign in and pose questions to AI bots sourced directly from their favorite podcast episodes.

Dexa's AI assistants tailor answers to users' questions and provide sources to support the answers. The tool's intuitive podcast search feature allows users to easily find relevant episodes by keyword, topic, or guest, organized into digestible chapters.

In addition, Dexa provides an early access option for users to explore popular shows like Huberman Lab, Lex Fridman Podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show, The Knowledge Project, Infinite Loops, and Found My Fitness.

Users can also pose questions to Dr. Andrew Huberman AI, who can offer suggestions for daily morning routine, for instance, to get bright sunlight, exercise, and take a cold shower.

Overall, Dexa offers a new level of podcast interaction, enabling users to stay informed, save time, and explore the podcast universe like never before with Personal AI Podcast Assistants.

Dexa's AI-powered features provide a unique and personalized experience for users interested in gaining insights from their favorite podcasts.


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Dexa was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Search by keyword, topic, guest
Episodes organized into chapters
Early access to popular shows
Tailor answers with sources
Informed podcast interaction
Time-saving features
Easy sign in process
Explore favorite podcasts
Ask questions feature
Check sources of answers
Easily find relevant episodes
Unique and personalized experience
User-friendly interface
Podcast universe exploration
Enhanced user engagement


Limited podcast range
No mobile app
Requires sign-in
No multi-language support
No offline accessibility
Limited to early access
Potential lack of privacy
No guest-specific searches
Reliance on podcast transcriptions


What is Dexa?
How does Dexa's AI-powered tool work?
Can I sign in to use Dexa?
Can I ask questions directly to Dexa's AI bots?
How does Dexa's AI assistants provide answers to users' questions?
What is the purpose of Dexa's intuitive podcast search feature?
Can I use Dexa to find specific podcast episodes by keyword, topic, or guest?
Does Dexa have an early access option?
What popular shows can I explore on Dexa?
Can I ask questions to Dr. Andrew Huberman AI on Dexa?
Does Dexa allow users to interact with their favorite podcast?
How does Dexa's personal AI podcast assistants enhance podcast interaction?
Does Dexa provide sources to support the AI bots' answers?
What insights can I expect to gain from using Dexa?
How can I pose questions to Dexa's AI?
How does Dexa assist in exploring favorite podcasts?
Who can use Dexa's AI-powered features?
What is the waitlist on Dexa for?
Does Dexa provide tailored answers to users' questions?
Can I search for specific episodes on Dexa?


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