Podcast q&a 2023-10-19
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ByŁukasz Łaszczuk
Your personal guide through Huberman Lab Podcast!
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Let's dive into health and neuroscience insights, combining clarity with a friendly touch.
Sample prompts:
Give me 10 example questions I can ask you about.
Give me 5 questions I can ask about Brain health.
What are the best ways to manage stress?
What are the topics that you can help me with?
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HubermanGPT is a specialized GPT specifically designed to serve as a personal guide through the Huberman Lab Podcast. It provides accurate information and answers users' queries about health, personal performance and neuroscience.

This GPT, developed by ukasz aszczuk, brings together a wealth of knowledge related to health and performance, translated into accessible and user-friendly responses.

It is developed to function on top of ChatGPT and its usage requires ChatGPT Plus as a prerequisite. A unique feature of HubermanGPT is its capacity to generate and propose insightful questions about brain health, stress management and other related topics.

This enhances interactivity and promotes deeper understanding of these important subjects, therefore offering a value-added engagement with the primary information source, the Huberman Lab Podcast.

Whether the user is seeking to pose contextually relevant questions or wants a thorough understanding of the podcast's material, HubermanGPT ensures detailed and insightful responses.

It thereby translates complex scientific aspects into digestible pieces of information, facilitating ease of understanding for a wide array of health and neuroscience topics.


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