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Connect with a Track Coach

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ByMike Cunningham
Connect with a Track Coach
GPT welcome message: Ready to track the facts? Let's go!
Sample prompts:
What Division 3 coaches have been on the show?
List episodes that discuss leadership.
Find the episode with Mouse Holloway.
What episodes feature head coaches?
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The 'Connect with a Track Coach' GPT can be characterized as a podcast assistant tool that's designed to help users navigate episodes of the Gill Connections podcast.

The primary function of this GPT is to provide relevant answers to inquiries about guests, topics, and specific episodes of the podcast. By offering utility to both existing subscribers and new listeners, it can facilitate better understanding and enjoyment of the content within the podcast.

The 'Connect with a Track Coach' GPT can respond to a wide array of question types, including identification of guests such as Division 3 coaches or Mouse Holloway, locating episodes focused on themes like leadership, and even discovering episodes that spotlight head coaches.

Therefore, the GPT does not only serve as a tool to access specific content, but it also enhances user engagement by granting them the ability to interact via querries.

The tool requires an active ChatGPT Plus subscription to fully utilize its features.


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