Q&A John Carmack 2023-05-03
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Gaming industry analysis and Q&A.
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Twiso is an AI-powered tool that allows users to search for insights from John Carmack, a prominent figure in the gaming industry. Users can ask any question related to work and programming languages, as well as watch highlights of various topics, including Quake, Carmack's setup, Metaverse, and iD software.

The AI tool provides users with timestamps for each topic, allowing them to navigate quickly and efficiently through the video content. Users can also access a full episode with a timestamp of 5 hours and 14 minutes.

Twiso's interface is straightforward - users can either ask a question in the search bar or select a topic from the highlighted list. The tool does not require any downloads, although it does offer a Chrome extension for easy access.

This AI tool appears to be a valuable resource for individuals looking to gain insights from John Carmack's extensive experience in the gaming industry.


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Pros and Cons


Search bar for questions
Highlighted topic selection
Provides video timestamps
Efficient content navigation
Access to full episodes
Clear, straightforward interface
No download required
Chrome extension available
Insights from gaming industry expert
Covers variety of topics
Allows deep dives into subjects
Specific focus on John Carmack
Easy access to expertise
Allows user to watch highlights
Direct link to John Carmack's insights
Constant content update
Relevant industry analysis
Ideal for programming language inquiries
Quick access to Carmack's setup overview
Resource on Metaverse
Insight on iD software
Extended insight on Quake
Work and programming languages focused


Limited to John Carmack insights
Lacks personalized recommendations
No mobile app available
Depends on quality of videos
No multilingual support
Lacks audio-only option
Chrome extension only
No social media integration
No offline mode
Inefficient for long episodes


What is Twiso?
What key features does Twiso offer?
How can I use Twiso to search for insights from John Carmack?
Can I ask any topic related to 'work and programming languages' on Twiso?
What is the highlight feature offered by Twiso for topics such as Quake, Carmack's setup, Metaverse, and iD software?
How does Twiso provide timestamps for each topic?
How can I navigate through the video content on Twiso?
Can I access a full episode on Twiso?
What is the duration of a full episode on Twiso?
What is the user interface of Twiso like?
Do I need to download anything to use Twiso?
Does Twiso offer a Chrome extension?
How can Twiso help me gain insights from John Carmack's gaming industry experience?
Can I ask my own questions on Twiso?
Can I review the content later on Twiso?
What does the Chrome extension offered by Twiso do?
What is the Workspace settings feature on Twiso?
Can I switch Workspaces on Twiso?
How can I install the Twiso Chrome extension?
What types of content can be added to my library on Twiso?

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