Music creation 17 Feb 2023
Custom beats from analyzed patterns and trends.

Generated by ChatGPT

Cassette AI is an AI-powered music production platform that allows users to create intricate beats from text descriptions. It utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze music patterns, styles, and trends to generate unique and high-quality beats.

Through its easy-to-use interface, users can customize their beats based on parameters such as desired genre, mood, length, and instrumentation. Additionally, users can keep their beats hidden on their own profile until they are ready to export or share them.

All beats created using Cassette AI are royalty-free and have no ownership restrictions. Furthermore, using Latent Diffusion models, Cassette AI can imagine beats using text descriptions.

Finally, there are no limitations to creating beats, except for the user's imagination. In addition, Cassette AI is working with Polygon Studios to build a bridge between NFTs and AR.

This bridge will allow NFT enthusiasts and collectors to go on a Particlon scavenger hunt around the world and claim NFTs for free. Additionally, users can open up the Pixl app and scout for NFTs in AR.

Finally, LOSTBOY and Pixl have collaborated to create music NFTs for the entire community. Through this collaboration, users can find the track location, open up the Pixl app, and scout for the NFT in AR and mint for free.


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