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Podcast on recent advances in tech.
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GPT Reviews is a daily podcast show that covers news, announcements, and research on AI from arXiv, alongside some entertaining content, hosted by Giovani Pete Tizzano, an AI enthusiast, Robert, an analyst, and Belinda, a research expert.

The podcast mainly focuses on the latest developments in AI, including research papers and breakthroughs in the field. The show is made by AI and aimed at those interested in keeping up-to-date with cutting-edge research and developments in AI.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and can be accessed through the Apple online store. The show's content is delivered in an engaging format covering both technical and casual topics on AI, with hosts sharing their personal opinions and insights along the way.

The podcast can be enjoyed by anyone interested in AI, regardless of technical background. In summary, GPT Reviews is a valuable resource for staying current in AI research and industry advancements.

It offers an engaging and informative listening experience that covers both the technical and social aspects of AI. It is easily accessible through Apple Podcasts and is a great addition to any AI enthusiast's catalog of resources.

GPT Reviews was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Daily updates
Conversational format
Includes personal insights
No technical background necessary
Accessible on Apple Podcasts
Technical and social aspects coverage
Engaging hosts
Broad audience appeal
Opinions shared by hosts
Available on Apple online store
Informative and entertaining
Offers both technical and casual topics


Only on Apple Podcasts
Difficult to search episodes
Lack of transcription
No categorisation of episodes
Limited to daily format
No user interaction
No guest episodes
No downloadable content
Cannot select hosts


Who are the hosts of the GPT Reviews podcast?
What is the main focus of GPT Reviews?
Where can I listen to GPT Reviews podcast?
Is GPT Reviews daily or weekly?
What kind of subjects does GPT Reviews cover about AI?
Is GPT Reviews accessible for non-technical listeners?
What platforms is GPT Reviews available on?
Does GPT Reviews cover only technical topics or also social aspects of AI?
Is GPT Reviews produced by AI?
What types of AI developments are covered on GPT Reviews?
Who is the target audience for the GPT Reviews podcast?
Do the hosts of GPT Reviews share their personal insights?
Can I access GPT Reviews from the Apple online store?
What is the format of the GPT Reviews podcast?
Who is Giovani Pete Tizzano, the host of GPT Reviews?
How can GPT Reviews assist in staying updated with AI advancements?
Does GPT Reviews cover AI research papers?
Is there any engaging content mixed with AI news in GPT Reviews?
What makes GPT Reviews a valuable resource for AI enthusiasts?
Can GPT Reviews help in understanding the social implications of AI?

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