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ByMilciades Balbuena
Recommending tech and future-themed podcasts.
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Sample prompts:
Hazme recomendaciones de episodios sobre creatividad.
Me gustaría escuchar episidios intesantes sobre temas de internet.
Dame una recomendación de episodios sobre tecnología.
Quiero escuchar episodios donde se hable de arte.
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Escuchar el Futuro is a GPT that functions as a specific podcast recommendation tool concentrating on technology and future-related topics. Utilizing the foundational capacities of ChatGPT, it provides users with curated podcast suggestions based on their queries.

Once users engage with this tool, it welcomes them and prompts users to request recommendations on diverse subjects such as creativity, interesting internet-based topics, technology, or art-themed podcast episodes.

By creating an interactive dialogue with users, it caters precisely to their interests in these key topical areas. The design of this GPT helps listeners navigate the plethora of podcasts available on the internet, and effectively curate content that is relevant and engaging to them.

The personalized nature of this tool allows for streamlined episode discovery, enhancing users' podcast listening experience. Furthermore, it provides a distinctive future-focused perspective lending itself to listeners who have an enthusiasm for technological innovation and subjects related to the future.The Escuchar el Futuro GPT requires users to have ChatGPT Plus, indicating it builds on the enhanced functionalities offered by ChatGPT Plus for its distinctive podcast recommendations.

The tool stands out with its ability to understand, and aptly respond to uniquely phrased podcast requests, thereby reflecting the advanced nature of the AI driving it.

The tool is created by Milciades Balbuena, whose work has further enriched the potential uses of GPT technology, illustrating the versatility of AI to cater to specific user needs and preferences in the digital landscape.In summary, the Escuchar el Futuro GPT is a specialized podcast recommendation tool that provides curated suggestions on technology and future-related topics, aiming to enrich the user's podcast discovery and listening experience.


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Escuchar el Futuro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2023.
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