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Instantly Turn Your Newsletter Into a Podcast
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HearTheWeb is a specialized tool designed to convert text into engaging podcasts. Ideal for those with audiences that prefer auditory content or subscribers who are often on-the-go, the tool offers a way to broaden content reach efficiently.

It transforms text, such as newsletters or articles, into audio podcasts featuring interactive and dynamic AI co-hosts. HearTheWeb provides dual-voice narration, creating a conversational, back-and-forth discussion that maintains listener attention and deepens engagement with the content.

With over 25 AI co-hosts available, users have the flexibility to choose the voices for their audio content. The output features human-like, ultra-realistic voices, aiming to provide a deep immersion experience for the audience.

The conversion process is automated and simple to initiate - users add their text to an online form, the system processes the text into an audio file ready for upload.

Furthermore, HearTheWeb is designed to maintain a lively, varied pace in its audio content, keeping it fresh and captivating to listeners.


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HearTheWeb was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Converts text to podcasts
Dual-voice narration
Automated conversion process
Maintains lively pace
Deep immersion experience
Online form submission
Variety of voice options
Supports any text content
Creates engaging audio content
Improved content accessibility
Increased content diversity
Enhanced user engagement
Broadens content reach
Interactive narration
Non-robotic voices
Realistic voice output
Narrative pacing
Instant podcast creation
Affordable pricing
Customizable co-host names
No text length limit
Opportunity to insert ads
Thematic progression
Content branding capability
Dynamic conversation style
Enterprise customization options
Wide selection of packages
100% money back guarantee
Dedicated account manager


No multi-language support
No real-time conversion
Limited free trial
Requires internet connection
Lack of detailed customization
Subscription plan required
No mobile application


What is HearTheWeb?
How does HearTheWeb work?
How many AI co-hosts are available in HearTheWeb?
How can I initiate the conversion process in HearTheWeb?
What kind of text can HearTheWeb convert to podcasts?
Can I choose the voices or co-hosts for my content in HearTheWeb?
What makes HearTheWeb's audio content engaging?
What is the quality of the voice output in HearTheWeb?
Does HearTheWeb offer a dual-voice narration?
How does HearTheWeb enhance listener engagement?
What is the process for transforming text into podcasts on HearTheWeb?
Is there a limit on the length of the text that can be converted using HearTheWeb?
How realistic are the voices provided by HearTheWeb?
What makes HearTheWeb's audio content dynamic?
Can I add my brand name in the podcast transcript on HearTheWeb?
What different plans are available with HearTheWeb?
What does 'tweak conversation style' mean in HearTheWeb's offerings?
Can I alter the way the podcast is created on HearTheWeb?
Can I add functionalities like scraping, dynamic updating, API connections to HearTheWeb?
What type of support does HearTheWeb provide to its users?

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