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Active PR researcher for podcast booking.
GPT welcome message: Hey! Let me help you find the perfect podcasts for your work.
Sample prompts:
What podcasts can I pitch my art to?
Find podcasts for my writing, please.
Can you vet music-related podcasts for me?
Help me pick the right podcasts for my product.
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Get Booked on Podcasts is a GPT that functions as an active PR researcher, specifically designed to aid in podcast booking. This tool endeavors to alleviate the time and stress normally involved in searching for suitable podcasts for various needs such as promoting your artwork, sharing your writing, introducing music, or marketing products.

With the objective to streamline this complex process, Get Booked on Podcasts uses advanced AI capabilities to match users with the right podcast platforms.

Users can interact with the GPT in a natural language, asking it to find podcasts in specific niches or to vet certain podcast platforms. This GPT is designed to respond effectively to prompts and provide necessary details to the users.

It offers services that could be beneficial for anyone, whether they are artists, writers, musicians, product marketers, or individuals from diverse fields who want to share their work or perspective with wider, targeted audiences.

Please note that this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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