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Craft custom audio content for podcasts and meditations.
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Slayer AI is a tool that enables users to create custom audio stories, meditations, and podcasts in seconds. The tool uses AI to generate personalized audio content based on user preferences such as medium, voice, and duration.

To create a personalized audio, the user inputs the topic they want to hear about, whether it is fantasy stories, meditations, podcasts, among others.

They then press generate and enjoy their creation. Users have an array of voice options to choose from and can also choose the perfect speed that suits their preference.

Once the audio content is generated, users can easily share it with others via different platforms after downloading it. Slayer AI offers different plans, including a free version and premium version with additional features that are yet to be released.

While the tool provides a versatile platform for audio creation, it is essential to comply with legal and ethical guidelines. It is advised to ensure that the content created using Slayer AI adheres to copyright laws and respects other people's rights.

The user retains full ownership of the content they generate using Slayer AI and can use, distribute, and monetize the audio as they see fit. Lastly, if users have specific legal concerns or questions regarding ownership and usage rights, it is recommended to consult with a qualified legal professional.


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Slayer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Custom audio content creation
Generates personalized audio
User input centric
Various voice options
Speed customization
Social sharing enabled
Free and premium versions
User retains content ownership
Copyright law adherence
Personalized podcasts
Custom meditations
Fast content creation
Easy topic selection
Various voice choices
Ideal duration settings
Step-by-step guide
Customer support availability
Created content is downloadable
Versatile platform for audio
Coming soon features
Unique Juice Box feature
Great user testimonials


Premium features unreleased
Adhere to copyright laws
Ethical guidelines compliance
Limited voice choices
No live collaboration
Closed source
Data privacy unspecified
Limited speed adjustment
Legal consultation recommended


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What input do I need to provide for Slayer AI to create a podcast?
What are the different plans offered by Slayer AI?
What additional features will be offered in the premium version of Slayer AI?
Do I retain ownership of the content created by Slayer AI?
Is there a free version of Slayer AI available?
Can I monetize the audio content I create using Slayer AI?
How can I respect copyright laws while using Slayer AI?
Is there a speed control option in Slayer AI?
Can I distribute the content created using Slayer AI?
What's coming soon to Slayer AI?
How do I contact Slayer's customer support?
Are there any legal considerations I need to be aware of while using Slayer AI?
How can I consult about my specific legal concerns related to the usage of Slayer AI?

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