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One-click AI text editing.
Generated by ChatGPT

SpeedProof: One-Click AI Text Edit is a tool specifically designed for executing various manual text editing tasks using artificial intelligence capabilities.

It is a simple yet effective extension that uses ChatGPT technology to perform different actions on selected text within a page. Some of its core features include the ability to rephrase text, check and correct grammar, translate text, provide explanations of terms, and even summarize lengthy content.

It also has an interactive one-click interface that provides a seamless user experience. The tool aims at assisting both professionals and regular users in improving the quality and efficiency of their writing tasks on a daily basis.

Lastly, regarding data privacy, the tool ensures that your data is not sold to third parties, transferred for unrelated purposes, or used for determining creditworthiness or for lending purposes.


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Pros and Cons


One-click text editing
Uses ChatGPT technology
Rephrases text
Checks and corrects grammar
Translates text
Provides term explanations
Summarizes content
Interactive user interface
Improves writing quality
Improves writing efficiency
Doesn't share data with third parties
Doesn't transfer data for unrelated purposes
Doesn't use data for creditworthiness
Easy to use extension
Positive user ratings
Supports English language
Small size extension
Data privacy clarity
Specific benefit disclosures
Simultaneous multiple action capability


Works only as Extension
Depends on ChatGPT technology
No Multi-Language support
No Offline functionalities
Lacks advanced editing features
No voice assistance
Unknown scalability
Limited functionality for professionals


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What measures does SpeedProof take to ensure data privacy?
Does SpeedProof sell user data to third parties?
How is the language processing capability in SpeedProof?
Is SpeedProof easy to use?
Can SpeedProof help to improve my writing efficiency?
Is SpeedProof effective for manual text editing tasks?
How to get support if I face issues with SpeedProof?
What is the average rating for SpeedProof?
How to add SpeedProof into my Chrome?
Who is the developer of SpeedProof?

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