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Automate code gen & opt. to enhance dev. productivity.
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Bito is an AI tool designed to help developers generate high-quality code, build unit tests, create code comments, explain new code, and improve code performance.

The tool claims to be 10x faster with ChatGPT, which is an open-source language model built by OpenAI. Bito is available for free installation on all major IDEs, including JetBrains and VS Code, as well as a browser extension for Chrome and a CLI.

According to the homepage, Bito has been trusted by over 100k developers at some of the world’s best companies. The tool claims to boost productivity by 31%, although specific figures are not provided.Bito’s AI model is built on the best from OpenAI and ChatGPT and promises to provide detailed summaries on Scala and Java sections.

Additionally, Bito values data privacy and encryption, promising never to store, view, or copy user code. Bito offers a security approach and policies that ensure protected identity and non-traceability of data and logs to individual users.Overall, Bito seeks to improve developer productivity by automating repetitive tasks and providing useful features for code generation and optimization.

Its AI-based approach and privacy policies may appeal to developers looking for a reliable and secure code-generation tool.


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Bito AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates high-quality code
Builds unit tests
Creates code comments
Explains new code
Improves code performance
10x faster with ChatGPT
Free installation on IDEs
Extension for Chrome
CLI installation
Trusted by 100k+ developers
Boosts productivity by 31%
Summarizes Scala and Java
Data privacy first
Protected identity
Data encryption
Doesn't store user code
Not tracing to individual users
Available for JetBrains and VS Code
Automates repetitive tasks


Specific productivity figures missing
Limited language summaries (Scala, Java)
No explicit pricing
Limited IDE options
Limited platform support (No Safari)
No app for mobile devices
Non-obvious feature updates
No multilingual support
May have implicit dependencies


What is Bito AI?
How does Bito AI automate code generation and optimization?
Which IDEs can Bito AI be installed on?
Is there a browser extension for Bito AI?
What language model does Bito AI use?
How much does Bito AI claim to boost productivity?
What coding languages does Bito AI specifically provide detailed summaries for?
What are Bito AI’s privacy policies regarding user code?
How does Bito AI ensure data encryption and non-traceability?
Is Bito a free tool or does it have a premium version?
Can Bito AI be used as a CLI?
Does Bito have customer support or guides for setting up the tool?
What types of companies and developers use Bito AI?
How quick is Bito AI compared to manual coding?
How does Bito AI build unit tests?
How does Bito AI create code comments?
How does Bito AI explain new code?
How can Bito AI improve code performance?
How does Bito AI use ChatGPT in its operations?
What security measures does Bito take to ensure data privacy?

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