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Write a Python script for sorting a list.
How do I handle exceptions in Python?
Explain Python list comprehensions.
Show me how to open a file in Python.
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Python Code Guru is a GPT designed specifically to assist with Python coding-related issues. It functions as an insightful tool built on top of OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Its primary function is to provide intelligent and effective solutions to problems encountered while coding in Python. This GPT offers assistance for a wide array of Python topics.

Whether it's writing a Python script for sorting a list, handling exceptions, understanding list comprehensions, or showing how to open a file in Python, the Python Code Guru is built to provide accurate and helpful responses.

Users simply need to input the issue they are facing or the topic they wish to learn more about, making it a highly interactive and practical tool. As the information is presented in a conversational format, it provides an engaging and user-friendly educational platform for Python learners of all skill levels.

Moreover, the GPT can be ideal for those looking to expand their knowledge, solve complex problems, or just receive a quick refresher on important Python aspects.

Note, however, that to access Python Code Guru, users are required to have ChatGPT Plus.


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