Issue labeling & classification for software projects.
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Maige is an AI tool designed to classify and label issues. With its primary function being issue labeling, Maige utilizes GPT technology for this purpose.

Currently, there are no other stated features or functionalities provided by Maige. The tool offers integration with GitHub, where users can add it to their repository and explore its capabilities.

It is mentioned that Maige is free to try, implying that there may be premium features or paid plans available.To label new issues automatically, users can simply enable Maige within their repository.

For existing issues, users can initiate labeling by commenting "Maige label this." Additionally, there is an option to label all old issues by commenting "Maige label all." Maige also allows for custom instructions to be added through the use of the command "Maige [instructions].",, and are mentioned as organizations that use Maige.

It is unclear how these organizations utilize the tool or what benefits they attain from it.Maige is developed by Ted Spare and has an associated GitHub repository.

Further details regarding the specific use cases, accuracy, or limitations of Maige are not provided within the given text.


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Maige was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integration with GitHub
Classifies and labels issues
Free to try
Automatic labeling of new issues
Ability to label existing issues
Batch labeling option
Option for custom instructions
Use of GPT technology
Developed by experienced developer


Only labels issues
Limited GitHub integration
Manual initiation required
Limited customization
Unclear premium features
No specifications on accuracy
Unexplained usage by organizations
No API offered
Unclear payment model
Single developer


What is Maige?
What is the primary function of Maige?
Does Maige use GPT technology?
Which platforms does Maige integrate with?
How can I add Maige to my GitHub repository?
Is Maige free to try?
Are there premium features or paid plans available for Maige?
How can Maige label new issues automatically?
How can I get Maige to label existing issues?
Is it possible to get Maige to label all old issues?
How can I add custom instructions to Maige?
Which organizations are known to use Maige?
Who developed Maige?
Is there a GitHub repository associated with Maige?
What are the potential use cases for Maige?
What is the accuracy of Maige's issue labelling?
Are there any known limitations of Maige?
Can Maige work with other repositories apart from GitHub?
Can Maige classify issues apart from labeling them?
How does Maige utilize the GPT technology for issue labeling?


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