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ByG. Mourits
Suggesting data visualization techniques and code snippets.
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to visualize your data ideas?
Sample prompts:
What's the best way to plot a time series?
How do I create a bar chart in Python?
Recommend a visualization for categorical data
Show me an example of a scatter plot in R
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VizWiz is a GPT designed to aid users in the visualization of data. This tool operates by offering suggestions for various data visualization techniques and associated code snippets in a preferred coding language.

As a user-oriented tool, VizWiz takes input queries from the user and provides comprehensive answers. The input queries can range from seeking the best practices for plotting a specific type of data, for instance, a time series, to requesting demonstration of creating specific types of charts, like a bar chart, in a particular language such as Python.

VizWiz GPT also provides recommendations for visualization techniques tailored to certain types of data, such as categorical data.Moreover, VizWiz GPT can provide examples of different data visualizations in different programming languages, such as creating a scatter plot in R.

By generating targeted responses to specific visualization queries, it helps users gain insights about their data in a more interactive and nuanced manner.

VizWiz GPT, therefore, effectively functions as a guide for coding data visualizations. By offering assistance in the creation of detailed and visually intuitive data representations, it facilitates a deeper understanding of complex data sets.

It caters to individuals ranging from newbies in programming to experts, making data visualization in any preferred coding language an easier task.


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