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Power BI dashboard Q&A and analysis
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AI Lens is a third-party visual tool for Microsoft Power BI that supercharges your Power BI dashboards with the power of OpenAI and ChatGPT. It allows clients to ask complex questions directly within Power BI and provides insightful answers in real-time.

AI Lens enables natural language conversations, creating a more human-like interaction with your dashboard.The tool seamlessly integrates with Power BI projects and offers customization options to match your brand's aesthetics.

It allows granular control over data sources, ensuring privacy and security. AI Lens dynamically interacts with up-to-date data sources, ensuring that the insights generated are always relevant and timely.Data privacy is prioritized, as AI Lens neither stores, logs, sells, nor monitors your data.

OpenAI's API is used in accordance with recommended security measures, and data submitted by customers is not used to train or improve the models. After each AI Lens session, all memory resides locally within Power BI, providing an additional layer of privacy.AI Lens offers flexible pricing plans, including a free option, plus and enterprise plans with various features and usage limits.

Enterprise users receive faster responses from OpenAI during the license key verification process. The tool also has plans to enhance its effectiveness by incorporating GPT-4 and context-aware insights in the future.For assistance, the tool provides a comprehensive Help Center with guidance and solutions for setting up AI Lens and utilizing its features.

AI Lens strives to uphold the highest standards of data security and privacy, giving users full control over their data at all times.


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PowerBI AI Lens was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supercharges Power BI dashboards
Enables complex Q&A
Real-time insightful answers
Natural language conversations
Seamless Power BI integration
Brand aesthetics customization
Granular control over data
Interacts with up-to-date data
High data privacy
No storing/logging/selling/monitoring data
Memory resides locally post-session
Flexible pricing plans
Free option available
Plans for GPT-4 integration
Plans for context-aware insights
Comprehensive Help Center
Lifetime Enterprise plan
No card required for free plan
Dashboard limit options
Custom design feature
Early access feature
Branding design available
Faster request speed
Potential for unique tailored insights
Enterprise support available


Limited dashboard limit for free/plus
Session limit for free/plus
No priority request speed for free/plus
Unavailability of GPT-4 for free/plus
No context-aware insights for free/plus
Later updates for non-enterprise users
Requires Power BI Expertise
Third-party integration
Limited customization for branding


What is PowerBI AI Lens?
What does PowerBI AI Lens offer that Microsoft Power BI does not?
How does AI Lens integrate with Power BI?
Can I customize AI Lens to match my brand's aesthetics?
How does AI Lens control data sources?
What kind of data security and privacy measures does AI Lens employ?
How does AI Lens manage my data?
Does AI Lens store or log my data?
What sort of pricing plans does AI Lens offer?
What are the differences between the free, plus, and enterprise plans in AI Lens?
What is the license key verification process in AI Lens?
Will my AI Lens be upgraded to GPT-4 in the future?
What kind of context-aware insights will AI Lens provide?
What kind of support does AI Lens provide?
What is the Help Center in AI Lens?
How do I sign up for AI Lens?
Does AI Lens offer a trial version?
What kind of data can I analyze using AI Lens in Power BI?
Can I use AI Lens if I am using the free version of Power BI?
What happens to my data after an AI Lens session?

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