Data analytics 20 Jan 2023

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Olli is an enterprise-grade AI platform that generates custom dashboards and insights to enable non-technical users to utilize data stacks for faster and data-driven decision-making.

It offers a flexible and secure architecture deployed on the user's infrastructure that provides control over data access. Users can get answers to their data queries quickly without waiting or delays.

Olli also auto-generates specific insights for each user role, ensuring that every team in the business receives unique insights required for their tasks.

Olli generates charts that can be exported to tools quickly.Olli's data and AI capabilities are delivered on an infrastructure that guarantees enterprise-grade security that users can trust.

It operates a private network, and users can securely control their data access. With Olli's AI platform, businesses can make better use of their data for diverse needs, and team members can generate dashboards and find answers to data queries without necessarily needing extensive technical knowledge.


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