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Enhance your data visualization with ChatGPT.
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ChatViz is a tool designed to strengthen data visualization capabilities using ChatGPT. It possesses two core features. The first, an SQL translator, takes user input commands and rapidly creates the matching SQL queries.

This streamlines the interaction between the user and their SQL database, as it lowers the necessity for extensive SQL knowledge. The second feature is an automated chart generator that can suggest charts most suited to a specific dataset provided by the user.

This feature simplifies the process of selecting the most appropriate data representation format. Using ChatViz can improve user experience during data visualization and hastens the implementation process.

Offering a solution to the often faced dashboard complexity, it introduces a novel way to visualize data. The tool consists of a configurable ChatViz widget.

To use this tool, the user needs to configure their SQL schema to ChatViz and set up a webhook to communicate with ChatViz. After doing so, ChatViz will visualize the output data from the webhook.

This approach aims to decrease development time by automating the process of data visualization.


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Pros and Cons


SQL translator feature
Automated chart generator
Reduces SQL knowledge necessity
Improves user experience
Hastens implementation process
Simplifies data representation selection
Resolves dashboard complexity
Configurable ChatViz widget
SQL schema configuration
Webhook setup for communication
Decreases development time
Automates data visualization
Tailored chart suggestions
Supports rapid SQL query creation
Streamlines SQL database interaction
Makes data visualization interactive
Promotes efficient data visualization
Enhances data interpretation


Requires SQL schema configuration
Webhook setup required
Limited data representation formats
No customization options for charts
No direct database interaction
Dependent on ChatGPT
Possible misunderstandings in translations
Lack of user guidance
Only suggests charts, not generates
Limited widget configuration


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