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BySebastian Völkl
Expert at creating accurate graphs with researched data.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm Dr. Graph. Provide your graph requirements for precise, data-driven results!
Sample prompts:
Create a graph on current global temperatures
Generate a bar chart of recent stock market trends
Show a pie chart of internet usage by continent
Plot a line graph of monthly rainfall this year
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Dr. Graph is a GPT designed with a focus on creating accurate and data-driven graphs. Its primary purpose lies in transforming research data into visually engaging and accurate graphical outputs.

The tool functions based on specific graph requirements provided by the user. As such, it caters to diverse needs in terms of the types of graphs needed, the data set to be used, and the trends to be reflected.

Apt examples include world temperatures, stock market trends, internet usage by continent, and patterns of monthly rainfall, among others. This GPT does not merely create graphs but takes the process a notch higher by delivering precision-oriented results backed by researched data.

Dr. Graph is, therefore, a convenient tool suitable for individuals and businesses alike, requiring in-depth graphical representation of data. It is expected that the user has the ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Overall, Dr. Graph is an intelligent tool committed to bridging data interpretation gaps through accurate, research-based graph creation.


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