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Get a dashboard to visualize your data in seconds.
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Supadash is a tool designed to simplify the process of data visualization by automatically creating data dashboards. It enables users to connect their database and instantly generates charts to help visualize and understand their data more effectively.

With this tool, lift from writing manual code and SQL queries to design and build dashboards is eliminated, as the AI-driven system within Supadash constructs the dashboard in a matter of seconds.

Various sources can be used to feed data into Supadash, including PostgreSQL databases or REST APIs, with more data source compatibility options planned for future updates.

Once the data source is connected, the tool is capable of processing and translating this information into insightful charts and visualizations. This functionality permits users to not just spot important metrics, but also derive crucial business insights from their data in a seamless and efficient manner.


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Pros and Cons


Simplifies data visualization
Automatically creates dashboards
Database connection capability
Instant chart generation
No coding required
Eliminates SQL queries
Compatible with PostgreSQL
REST API integration
Process and translates data
Efficient data insights derivation
Seamlessly identifies metrics
Transforms data into charts
More data sources in future
Providing crucial business insights
Fast dashboard construction
Compatible with multiple sources
Effortless data transformation
Helps track metrics
Database integration in seconds
Elimination of manual code
Variety of charts and visualizations
Multi-data source compatibility


Limited data source compatibility
No manual design option
No SQL query support
Only produces charts
No custom visualization options
Potential over-simplification of data
No control over speed of creation
Restricted to PostgreSQL and REST APIs
Future update dependency


What is Supadash?
How does Supadash simplify data visualization?
Can I connect my own database to Supadash?
How quickly can Supadash generate charts?
Is manual coding or SQL knowledge required to use Supadash?
What sources can I use to feed data into Supadash?
Does Supadash offer more data source compatibility options in the future?
Can Supadash process and translate my data into charts?
Can I track important metrics with Supadash?
Is it possible to derive business insights from my data using Supadash?
What databases are compatible with Supadash?
Can I integrate REST API with Supadash?
Is there a free trial available for Supadash?
Can I watch a demo of Supadash before using it?
How does Supadash create dashboards?
What types of charts and visualizations does Supadash support?
Can I sign up for Supadash?
Is there any pricing information available for Supadash?
How can I log into Supadash?
How efficient is the AI-driven system of Supadash?

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