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Sample prompts:
I will upload a CSV file . Read and explain all of the columns in the provided file
I will provide a situation. You will suggest a metric to provide new insights
I will upload a PDF document so that you can answer questions about it
I will name a sport and you will recommend an analysis strategy
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Sports Performance Analyst is a GPT that specializes in analyzing and visualizing sports data. It is geared towards providing valuable insights about various aspects of sports performance.

Users can utilize this GPT by providing different forms of sports related data, which the tool will analyze and explain in an understandable manner.The GPT is equipped to read and interpret data from CSV files, offering explanations on the data held within each column of the provided file.

Users can provide even specific sports scenarios and ask the GPT to suggest new metrics that would enhance their understanding of the situation. Additionally, Sports Performance Analyst can accept and interpret information from a PDF document, answering any sports-related questions that the user may have concerning the document's content, which might include data and statistics, specific game reviews, or historical sports records.Another significant feature of the GPT is its ability to tailor analysis strategy based on specific sports.

When a user mentions a particular sport, the GPT will recommend an analysis strategy specific to that sport. This feature may be particularly beneficial for users looking for analysis in less mainstream sports, where standard analysis approaches might not yield the desired insights.In order to access this GPT, users would require the ChatGPT Plus.

Thus, it functions as an 'app-liked' addition that augments the actions of the ChatGPT. The Sports Performance Analyst GPT offers a starting point to dig deeper into sports performance analysis by using AI, transforming raw data into visual, easy-to-understand representations, and paving the way for informed decisions.


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