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BySamir Parmar
Your wise R Shiny sage, offering enlightened guidance.
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Sample prompts:
How do I optimize the performance of a Shiny app?
What are some best UI practices for Shiny?
Can you help me debug this Shiny app code?
How do I connect a database to my Shiny app?
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Shiny Guru is a GPT designed to provide guided, insightful support and assistance to users of the R Shiny platform. As an AI-based tool, it is built on the infrastructure of ChatGPT and leverages its language processing capabilities to answer queries and provide information related to Shiny, an R package used for building interactive web apps and data visualizations.

Shiny Guru's main aim is to facilitate better understanding and productive use of the R Shiny platform by its users. It is also tuned to handle more specific queries such as optimizing the performance of a Shiny app, best user interface practices, methods of debugging a Shiny app code, as well as how to connect a database to a Shiny app.

Through its interactive chat interface, users can engage with the tool, receiving personalized support in real time.


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Shiny Guru was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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