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Visualize your Data Instantly with AI
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Tablepad is an AI-powered tool that simplifies exploring and visualizing your data. No need for data science skills or coding. Users can upload data from Google Sheets, CSV, JSON, Excel, Parquet, and more. Airtable and Notion integrations are coming soon. Instantly generate charts and share them.

Key features include:

- AI-Driven Insights: Ask questions in plain English to generate charts and graphs.
- Easy Integration: Seamlessly connect to live data from Google Sheets and other SaaS.
- No-Code Solution: Visualize and analyze data without any coding required.

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Jun 4, 2024
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Tablepad was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 27th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple data formats
Automatic visual insights
No coding skills required
Supports data queries
Dynamic data exploration
Plain English questions
Interactive interface
In-built support form
Accessible pricing details
Offers affiliate program
Non-technical user friendly
Data insights generation
Highly versatile data upload
Variety of data viewers
Easy data sharing
Functional feature suggestion
Essential issue reporting
Effortless insight discovery
Distinctive chart generation
Potential Python, SQL replacement
Incorporates general feedback
Direct URL data loading
Discover new data insights
Supports NDJSON, Parquet, Arrow, Avro
Feedback for continuous development


Limited support options
No offline usage
Limited file formats
No direct API integration
No customized visualization options
Potentially privacy issues
No multi-user collaboration
Detailed pricing not transparent
Lacks advanced analytics features
Affiliate program restrictions


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How can Tablepad help me visualize data?
How can I share my findings on Tablepad?
What support options does Tablepad offer?
How can I report issues or suggest features on Tablepad?
Where can I see Tablepad's pricing details?
What is Tablepad's affiliate program?
Can non-technical users use Tablepad?
Does Tablepad require coding skills for data analysis and visualization?
What are the viewers available on the platform?
How does Tablepad enable data exploration?
How is data visualization achieved on Tablepad?
What are the main features of Tablepad?

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