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I help turn text to code.
GPT welcome message: Hello
Sample prompts:
Can you help me with Azure Functions?
Create a Pie chart for me of Pi.
Could you explain a concept from .NET in Azure?
What are some advanced features of OpenAI?
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Antoniobot - Coder is a GPT used for turning text into code. It is built to facilitate developers, coders, and those interested in creating codes from simple text.

Based on the ChatGPT technology, it can interpret and convert standard text into functionally correct and usable code. This tool can be particularly useful for individuals that are looking for a quick programming solution and for those willing to explore and learn programming and coding concepts.

Antoniobot - Coder accomplishes this transformation of text into code by understanding the entered prompt and generating the corresponding output. Moreover, it can also be used for understanding and explaining complex concepts from various programming platforms such as .NET in Azure.

It also offers prompt starters that could be generic or specific to programming. This GPT not only assists in coding but also in comprehending advanced features of OpenAI and providing insights into different tech platforms.

By leveraging this tool, users can navigate, learn, and execute programming concepts with relative ease and efficiency. To utilize Antoniobot - Coder, signing up to ChatGPT Plus is required.


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