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Design your app's interface in minutes
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trace.Page is a AI-based tool for designing and sharing Swift UI components. It allows you to transform your ideas into SwiftUI code by inputting text, significantly reducing the time and expertise needed to prototype app interfaces.

This functionality is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of app categories, from fitness and social media to task management and payment apps.

One of the unique features of trace.Page is the ability to export the generated SwiftUI code into an Xcode project or directly run it on a phone, enhancing the app development process.

The desktop version of the website extends these capabilities, offering the ability to copy Swift code for each component, generate custom UI components, and more.

Furthermore, trace.Page also hosts a space for the AI developer community to share their creations, offering a rich source of inspiration and learning resources.

It's important to note that while interacting with the website, you'll be subject to their Cookie Policy, Terms of Service, and Privacy policies, to ensure the best user experience.

trace.Page is part of Graam, Inc's portfolio and was designed with the objective of accelerating innovation in the app development industry.


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Trace was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Designs Swift UI components
Transforms text to SwiftUI
Reduces prototyping time
Applicability across app categories
Exports SwiftUI to Xcode
Runs code directly on phone
Desktop version extends capabilities
Copies Swift code easily
Generates custom UI components
Community sharing of creations
Rich learning resources
Transparent data policies
Part of Graam's innovative portfolio
Inspires app design ideas
Easy app prototyping
Designed for swift app development
Comprehensive user interface design
Accelerates app development process


Only for Swift UI components
Limited to text input
No mobile version
Bound by strict policies
Dependent on Xcode
No direct coding option
Requires extensive cookies use
Community feature might distract
Limited customization options
Lack of diverse pricing plans


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What does 'export into your xcode project or run on your phone' mean on trace.Page?
Can I copy Swift code for each component in trace.Page?
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How is trace.Page accelerating innovation in the app development industry?
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What user interfaces can I design with trace.Page?
How can I contribute to the AI developer community on trace.Page?


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