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Straightforward, cool UI advice in bullet points
GPT welcome message: Hey there, ready for some cool, straight-up UI advice?
Sample prompts:
Font consistency check needed
Review my color scheme for clashes
Is my UI contrast accessible?
Advice on title sizing in my design
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Revio - User Interface Advisor is a GPT that provides straightforward UI (User Interface) advice in an easily digestible, bullet-point format. Created by BERSERKER, this GPT is designed to offer valuable suggestions to improve the design and functionality of user interfaces.

It assists in the design assessment process by checking elements such as font consistency, color scheme, UI contrast, and title sizing.The primary purpose of this tool is to help users enhance the overall user experience of their platforms by improving UI design.

It provides objective feedback and recommendations based on current best practices in UI and UX design. This GPT is capable of offering advice on diverse aspects of UI designs including but not limited to color scheme clashes, accessibility of UI contrast, and appropriateness of title sizing in design.While utilizing this GPT, users can initiate a conversation using a range of prompt starters to gain insights into specific aspects of their user interface designs.

From checking the consistency of fonts used across different components of a platform to critically reviewing color schemes for potential clashes, this tool is a handy resource for designers and developers working on improving user interface designs.Usage of Revio - User Interface Advisor requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, indicating that it operates on the ChatGPT platform.

To put it succinctly, Revio - User Interface Advisor is a smart, user-friendly tool that offers users insightful, straightforward advice for enhancing their UI designs effectively.


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Revio - User Interface Advisor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 6th 2024.
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