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Build your UI 8.6x faster with coded components.
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UXPin Merge is a UI Builder and prototyping tool designed for developers to accelerate the design process. Its main feature is to allow for the building of UI elements much faster thanks to coded component libraries, patterns, and templates.

Crucially, it enables users to create interactive UI without writing a single line of code, harnessing the power of React libraries to build functional layouts in minutes.

As a part of the design system, it supports clean front-end code generation, offering fully functional React code that requires no additional translation.

The code generated includes full parity with the UI library, dependencies, and all the interactions added in UXPin. Users can also import their component library to reuse their code and maintain consistency across products.

UXPin Merge further provides straightforward integration with Git, Storybook, and npm. Another important feature is its ability to link components directly to documentation, fostering shared knowledge and collaboration within the team.

Overall, UXPin Merge offers a comprehensive solution for UI building, interactive prototyping, and design system development.


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Pros and Cons


Accelerates design process
UI building without code
Utilizes React libraries
Generates clean front-end code
Component libraries import
Enhances product consistency
Easy integration with Git
Integration with Storybook
Integration with npm
Links components to documentation
Collaboration enhancement
Functional layouts in minutes
Parity with UI library
Includes dependencies
Reusability of code
UI design 8.6x faster
Interactive prototyping
Design system development
Exports fully functional React code
Edits projects in Stackblitz
Integrates with open-source libraries
Generates JSX code
Customizable properties and themes
Syncs with Git repo
Interactive UI with drag-and-drop
Design system and pattern sharing
Functional layout building
Code generation with no translation
Proprietary library integration
Library changes reflected in prototypes
Shared knowledge improvement


Requires understanding of React
No support for non-React libraries
Doesn't support proprietary UI libraries
No integration outside Git, Storybook, npm
Dependent on coded component libraries
Limited customization outside templates and patterns
No non-UI design features
No native mobile app version
Collaboration limited to documentation linking
No direct import from Sketch


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Does UXPin Merge allow for component reusability?
Can UXPin Merge link components directly to documentation?
How does UXPin Merge foster collaboration within a team?
Does UXPin Merge support front-end code generation?
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Can I import my own component library into UXPin Merge?
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What kind of templates and patterns does UXPin Merge provide?
In what way the UI built with UXPin Merge is interactive?
How does UXPin Merge help in design system development?
What does it mean that code has full parity with the UI library in UXPin Merge?
Does UXPin Merge offer any advanced prototyping features?
What is the integration process like between UXPin Merge and npm?

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