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Collaborative React UI development solution.
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Tempo is an AI design tool specifically designed for React codebases, aiming to streamline collaboration between designers and developers and significantly accelerate the speed of shipping to production.

It offers several key features to enhance the UI development process.With Tempo, users can generate and modify high-quality React code directly within their codebase, enabling them to quickly create and deploy UIs in minutes.

The tool incorporates AI technology to generate complete views, utilizing simple prompts to build high-fidelity UIs instantly. This AI capability can work with existing code or generate new code according to the established standards in the codebase.In addition, Tempo facilitates visual editing of style and layout code, empowering users to focus on writing business logic rather than CSS.

It allows users to import their own design systems and components or generate a custom library using popular frameworks such as MUI, Chakra, Radix, or Headless UI.

It also provides a wide range of components and templates to expedite project start-up and offers the flexibility to customize or modify them using AI.Tempo supports React web apps and integrates seamlessly with any React codebase.

While it does not currently support Vue, Svelte, Angular, or React-Native, the tool plans to expand its framework support in the future.Tempo offers a free version for individuals and early-stage startups, with paid licenses available for enterprises.

Users can easily set up their React repositories and start using the tool by logging in with their Github accounts.Overall, Tempo is an AI design tool that empowers React developers and designers to collaborate effectively and significantly accelerate the process of UI development and delivery.


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Pros and Cons


Generates high-quality React code
Modifies code within codebase
View generation using prompts
Creates new code via established standards
Provides visual editing for style and layout
Less focus on CSS
Import your own design systems
Import your own components
Generates custom library using popular frameworks
Provides numerous components and templates
Enables customization of components and templates
Integrates with any React codebase
Plans for expansion of framework support
Start by logging in with Github
Streamlines collaboration between designers and developers
Accelerates UI development process
Free version available for individuals and startups
Accelerates shipping to production process
Supports React web apps
Easy repository setup
Editable templates
Aids in writing business logic
Visual control over design details
Doesn't lock users in
Generates complete views
Integration with Github
Enhances productivity
Supports visual customization


Doesn't support Vue
Doesn't support Svelte
Doesn't support Angular
Doesn't support React-Native
Focused only on React
Limited free version
Lack of framework variety
Potential lock-in with templates
Requires Github account for setup


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