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Visual builder for rapid webpage prototyping
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Windframe is an AI-enhanced visual builder and editor for rapidly prototyping and building stunning webpages using Tailwind CSS. It allows users to visually create and edit Tailwind CSS UIs up to 10 times faster using AI.

With Windframe, users can build webpages from scratch or select from a directory of over 800 prebuilt Tailwind CSS templates. These templates are professionally crafted for various needs such as landing, SaaS, portfolio, and more, and are regularly updated.Users can preview their designs in the builder to see how they render on a webpage and easily save them for future editing.

Windframe also enables users to export their designs to different formats like HTML, React, or Vue, making it easy to use in their own projects. The tool also features Windframe AI, which helps users generate and edit UIs in seconds, ensuring design consistency across projects and saving time.Importing custom templates, components, and projects is seamless in Windframe, allowing users to edit them visually with an intuitive interface.

The tool is also ideal for building dashboards and admin web apps using Tailwind CSS, with customizable widgets and charts available. Windframe's segmented classes view makes working with Tailwind classes more efficient, and its responsive design feature allows for rendering designs on various screen sizes and selecting specific styles for each screen.Overall, Windframe is designed to speed up web development processes, save countless hours of coding and designing, and improve work productivity for developers, startups, and agencies.


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