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Rapid UI designs from natural language input.
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Galileo AI is an AI-driven copilot for interface design that helps designers create delightful UI designs in an instant. By leveraging large language models, it is able to understand complex contexts and generate high-fidelity designs from natural language prompts.

Trained on thousands of outstanding designs, Galileo AI can generate complex UI designs with AI-generated illustrations and images to match the desired style, as well as fill product copy accurately.

This machine-learning implementation enables designers to save time on repetitive UI patterns and small visual tweaks, instead focusing on creating more creative solutions.

The tool can also be used to generate a profile page for a book-reading app featuring a specific author and a list of their books, and a settings page for users to edit their names, phone numbers and passwords.


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Pros and Cons


Generates UI designs instantly
Understands complex contexts
Generates high-fidelity designs
Provides accurate product copy
Saves time on repetitive tasks
Facilitates more creative solutions
Customizable profile pages
Editable in Figma
Aids fast paced designing
Trained on thousands of designs
Creates designs from text prompts
Offers editable UI designs
Creates custom settings pages
Allows personalized author profiles in apps
Populates designs with curated images
Fills end-to-end product copy


Not fully customizable
Limited training data
No API mentioned
Not open source
Limited to UI designs
No multilingual support
Doesn't support offline use
Potentially high costs
Over-reliance on data input
Dependency on language model


What is Galileo AI?
What is the main function of Galileo AI?
What types of designs can Galileo AI generate?
How does Galileo AI use large language models?
What kind of inputs does Galileo AI use to generate designs?
Can Galileo AI generate images and illustrations?
How can Galileo AI help with product copy?
Can Galileo AI design a profile page for an app?
Can Galileo AI design a settings page for users?
What are the benefits of using Galileo AI for UI design?
How can Galileo AI save designers time?
What does it mean that Galileo AI designs are editable in Figma?
What elements can Galileo AI populate designs with?
Can Galileo AI fill end-to-end product copy accurately?
What does 'full product copy' mean in relation to Galileo AI?
What are some of the specific tasks that I could delegate to Galileo AI to save time?
What is the quality of the UI designs generated by Galileo AI?
Can Galileo AI be beneficial for larger design projects?
How can I access Galileo AI?
What is the feature preview of Galileo AI?


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