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Optimized UI/UX design.
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Crito is an AI-powered UI/UX design tool that enables businesses to automate their design processes and improve user experience. With Crito, businesses can generate designs based on their requirements or design systems using AI technology, boosting design performance with heat mapping tools powered by AI algorithms.

The tool also allows businesses to integrate their applications using Crito’s powerful API and generate useful documentation using a chatbot interface.

Additionally, Crito offers a feature that generates code from designs, enabling companies to easily make their product live with Framer.The Crito user community offers an avenue for users to share knowledge and insights on AI-powered design and keep up with the latest trends.

Crito promises to enhance digital products' user experience by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology. The platform is ideal for businesses seeking to improve their product's quality, shorten the design cycle, and automate their design systems.

Overall, Crito is a comprehensive tool that can help businesses optimize their design processes using AI technology. The platform's features can take care of essential design elements, providing businesses with more time to focus on creating innovative and unique designs.

Crito's ready-to-use design system can save companies valuable time, enabling them to enhance their digital products' user experience and speed up their design processes.


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Crito Design was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Optimized UI/UX design
Automated design process
Heat mapping tools
Powerful API integration
Chatbot for documentation
Generates code from designs
Enhances digital products' UX
Shortens design cycle
Automates design systems
Ready-to-use design system
User community for knowledge share
Designs based on requirements
Boosts design performance
Time-saving tool


No offline mode
Framer exclusive code generation
Possible steep learning curve
Limited community support
No explicit mention of pricing
Chatbot-only documentation
Potential lack of customization options
No apparent multi-platform support


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How can companies integrate their applications using Crito's API?
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How does Crito generate code from design?
Who is Crito's target audience?
How does Crito enhance the user experience of digital products?
What benefits can businesses get from using Crito?
What is Crito's ready-to-use design system?
What is the function of Crito's API integration?
What insights can be gained from Crito's user community?
What is the 'Talk to Docs' feature?
How can Crito shorten the design cycle?
How does Crito help in improving the quality of a company's product?
How can Crito help in automating design systems?
Can the Crito tool be customized according to the requirements of the business?
What kind of designs can be generated using Crito?
Does Crito offer any trial period before purchase?


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