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Generated UI/UX and code for streamlined design.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-based tool that offers generative UI/UX and code generation using AI prompts, making the design process faster and more efficient.

The tool generates designs based on your existing design system, making it easy to integrate with your current practices. You can edit using prompts through text or voice inputs, enabling you to make modifications to the design quickly and accurately.

Additionally, generates code in frameworks like React and React Native and image assets based on the prompts, design, and UX writing. The tool can also help generate contextual UX writing based on your design. aims to simplify the design process and make it more accessible to designers of all skill levels, freeing them up to focus on creative problem-solving and providing a better experience for users.

The tool is compatible with Figma and is designed to deliver exceptional user experience. Its AI-generated designs are based on your design systems, making it a reliable and efficient tool for designers who want to achieve consistency in their design output.

However, it is important to note that the tool is currently only available for early access, and interested parties can get in touch with the Magify Design team to learn more.


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Pros and Cons


Generates UI/UX and code
Design modification through prompts
Text and voice input
Generates code in React
Generates code in React Native
Generates image assets
Contextual UX writing generation
Compatible with Figma
Based on existing design system
Simplifies design process
Efficient tool for consistency
Accessible to all skill levels
Focus on creative problem-solving
Contributes to better user experience
Currently on early access
Helpful for time saving


Limited to React frameworks
Only editable via prompts
Requires design system
Early access only
Limited to Figma compatibility
Requires JavaScript enabled
No customization options mentioned
Lacks output format variety
No non-designer adaptations
No standalone use


What is
What platforms is compatible with?
How does generate code?
Can I use voice commands to edit designs in
How does enhance the design process?
What kind of designs can create?
What kind of frameworks can generate code in?
Does generate image assets?
Is suitable for beginners in design?
Does offer generative UI/UX designs?
How can I get early access to
What is the relevance of design systems in
Can I incorporate my existing design system into
How does generate UX writing?
Does offer a text prompt feature for editing designs?
How can help improve my efficiency in designing?
Why is only available for early access?
Is designed to deliver an exceptional user experience?
Can I get in touch with the Magify Design Team?
What is the future plans for


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