Design generation for architects and builders.

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Maket is an AI-powered generative design software that enables architects, builders, and developers to quickly generate thousands of architectural plans instantly.

It leverages AI to help users find the best floor plan for their clients based on programming needs and environmental constraints. The algorithm understands project constraints, allowing users to select land sizing and shape, building size and shape, and desired adjacencies between the rooms.

With the software, users can instantly generate thousands of early-stage concepts, test them in minutes, and visualize in 3D to see what design would work best.

Additionally, Maket features real-time collaboration, simple interface, and PDF, PNG export of generated plans. It is also affordable for both small and large teams.

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Pros and Cons


Generates plans instantly
Understands project constraints
Customizable land sizing
Customizable building size
Defines room adjacencies
Generates multiple early-stage concepts
Fast testing of designs
3D visualization
Real-time collaboration
Simple interface
PDF Export
PNG Export
Affordable subscription
Specific room dimensions
Handles environmental constraints
MacOS, Windows, Linux compatibility
Chrome, Safari, Firefox compatibility
Unlimited design options
Parameters for schematic designs
Generate hundreds of variations
Useful for architects, builders, developers
Optimized for early-stage planning
Real-time updates and improvements


Natural language processing pending
No API mentioned
Limited to floor plans
Limited export formats (PNG, PDF)
Not explained integration process
Not fully generative
3D visualization limited to 2D designs
No mobile compatibility mentioned
Limited environmental considerations
No offline version mentioned

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