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BIM models and docs generation automation.
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SWAPP is an AI-powered tool that aims to provide accurate, detailed, and efficient construction documents and BIM models in minutes. By automating the most tedious and time-consuming planning tasks, this technology aims to reduce project duration and manual labor hours significantly, ultimately leading to cost savings of up to 75% and three times faster project delivery.

Architects who integrate SWAPP's technologies can benefit from an increase in firm profitability, growth, and technological proficiency, allowing them to focus on planning creative designs, rather than managing detailed drawing production processes.

Moreover, SWAPP also offers seamless revisions, allowing architects to make changes easily and immediately on an AI-driven platform. SWAPP can be beneficial to architecture-related businesses, especially those who specialize in the construction of multi-family buildings and educational structures.

SWAPP has been recognized as one of the most audacious AI tools for automating detail design work and producing drawings by industry experts. The tool's revolutionary features, such as implementing advanced BIM practices and automatically updating drawings and details as revisions are made, could shape the future of architecture.

SWAPP has also gained a reputation of being a reliable assistant that delivers projects on time.


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Swapp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Accurate construction documents
Fast BIM modeling
Significant cost savings
3x faster project delivery
Boost firm's profitability
Automates tedious planning tasks
Supports firm's growth
Seamless design revisions
Automatic drawing updates
Specializes in multi-family buildings
Specializes in educational structures
Recognized by industry experts
Advanced BIM practices
Revolutionary design features
Assists in project punctuality
Efficient work process
Retains experienced architects
Elevates technological proficiency
Handles revisions effectively
Auto-updates for revisions
Expedites schematic designs
Partners with ALK Architects
Used by architecture firms


Limited to construction projects
No mobile application
Limited building types (multi-family, educational)
Lacks integrated project management features
Potential issues with precision
Cannot handle complex designs
Requires retaining experienced architects
Closed source
Lacks real-time collaboration feature
Limited usage scenarios


What is SWAPP?
How does SWAPP create construction documents and BIM models?
How does SWAPP reduce project duration and manual labor hours?
By what percentage can SWAPP reduce costs?
How can SWAPP help in increasing a firm's profitability?
How does SWAPP ensure faster project delivery?
How does SWAPP integrate with my current architecture practices?
How does the SWAPP's revision process work?
What types of buildings can SWAPP help design?
Why is SWAPP considered one of the most audacious AI tools in architecture?
How does SWAPP implement advanced BIM practices?
Can SWAPP automatically update drawings and details when revisions are made?
What makes SWAPP a reliable assistant in delivering projects on time?
Who are some of SWAPP's clients or partners?
Can SWAPP help in constructing multi-family buildings?
Can SWAPP assist in educational building construction?
How can SWAPP aid in the growth of an architecture firm?
What are SWAPP's key features in automating detail design work?
In addition to construction documents, what services does SWAPP offer?
Are there any news or accolades about SWAPP?

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