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Revolutionize your design experience with ai4spaces.
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ai4spaces is an AI-driven platform designed to revolutionize your home and interior design experience. The platform offers a variety of functions, such as creating and designing houses, restyling rooms, and selecting or even forming your own interior design style.

It allows users to generate house and room designs or renovations from uploaded images, offering a comprehensive design solution within one platform. The AI tool supports personalized design, giving the users the flexibility to customize room layout, furniture selection, and decor.

It further aids in renovating spaces by using user-uploaded images to tailor-make a design suited for the specific space, whether it be a living room, bedroom or any room needing a redesign.

Furthermore, ai4spaces has a feature to create house designs based on user preferences, suggesting it as a valuable tool for those looking to design a house from scratch.

The platform also accepts inputs from photos, 3D renders or sketches, further increasing its versatility. Additionally, ai4spaces offers a wide selection of interior design styles to choose from, such as Biophilic, Bohemian, Coastal, Contemporary, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, Neoclassical, and Scandinavian, or even allows users to create their own unique style.

Bolstering its capability, the platform extends its utility to designing commercial spaces as well, including office environments, restaurant ambiances, hotel interiors, and public buildings like airport terminals, art galleries and classrooms.


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Pros and Cons


House generator
Room generator
Renovation generator
Single platform functionality
Upload image support
Customizable layout
Customizable furniture
Customizable decor
Variable design styles
Art Deco to Cyberpunk styles
Inspiration-driven designs
Beneficial for homeowners
Beneficial for interior designers
Beneficial for architects
Beneficial for real estate agents
Commercial spaces design
Supports photos
Supports 3D renders
Supports sketches
User-driven house designs
Unique style creation
Office environment design
Restaurant ambiance design
Hotel interior design
Public building design
Includes design descriptions
Multiple user utility
Three-tier pricing system
Free trial option
High quality renders
Custom styles creation
Privacy controls for designs
Advanced feature support
Task multitasking
24/7 support availability
Harmonious design integration
Flexible user group usage
Feature request availability
On-demand credit packages
Minimalistic aesthetic design
Functional platform layout
Clear FAQ section
Safe payment systems
Commercial use licenses
Integrated affiliate system


Limited free credits
Low-quality renders for free users
Public designs for free users
Limited styles for free users
Additional cost for high-quality rendering
Cost varies on rendering quality
No refunds policy
Limited to specific user groups


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