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Personalized online visualization of interior design.
Generated by ChatGPT is an online platform that offers free AI-powered tools for designing and visualizing home and room designs. Their HomeGPT and RoomGPT tools enable users to upload photos of their current spaces and explore a wide range of interior and exterior design ideas to create their dream home or room.

Users can choose from different design styles and themes and experiment with various color schemes, furniture, decor options, and other design elements. generates stunning and realistic visualizations of the user's design ideas, allowing them to view their space from different angles and perspectives. offers different pricing plans for users who want to access additional features such as faster and higher quality renders, more images per render, and premium support.

Their authenticated plan is free and offers unlimited renders, good quality images, and one image rendered at a time. Their Pro and Business plans, which are most popular, offer more features such as commercial usage of photos, faster and highest quality renders, and premium support.'s design tools are easy to use and provide a hassle-free experience for users looking to create and visualize their ideal living spaces. They offer personalized design solutions that cater to the specific needs and preferences of each user. is a great platform for anyone looking to spruce up a single room or redesign their entire home.

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Pros and Cons


Free unlimited renders
High quality visualizations
Supports both interior and exterior
Different pricing plans
Faster renders on paid plans
Premium support on paid plans
Commercial usage of photos
Easy to use interface
Personalized design solutions
Works with uploaded photos
Experiment with different styles and themes
Generates different angles and perspectives
Visualization of dream home
Supports single room or full home


Limited to home interiors only
No additional support for architects
No API for third-party integration
No collaboration feature for teamwork
Expensive Pro and Business plans
No offline mode
Limited visual perspectives
No CAD file support
No advanced 3D functionality
Single image rendering on free plan


What is
How does use AI for home and room designs?
Is it free to use
What features do I get with the authenticated plan of
What additional features are offered in the Pro and Business plans of
What are the prices for the Pro and Business plans at
What do mean by 'commercial usage of photos'?
How realistic are the visualizations provided by
Can I design both interior and exterior spaces with
Is it possible to view the spaces from different perspectives on
What customization options does offer?
What is HomeGPT and RoomGPT mentioned in's description?
How many images can I render at a time in different plans on
How do I sign up for
Does provide support to its users?
How can help me in redesigning my entire home?
Do have a guide or tutorial for new users?
What's the image quality in the Authenticated, Pro, and Business plans?
What is the difference between faster, higher quality renders, and fastest, highest quality renders?
Can I use for commercial designing projects?


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