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ByAlexander Hipp
Your Personal Interior Designer - Idea to concepts in seconds.
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Sample prompts:
I want to rebuild my kitchen
How can I fit a children's room into our master bedroom?
I don't have enough space
How can I make the most of my appartment
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Your Personal Interior Designer is a GPT designed to streamline the process of interior design. This tool is an application built on top of ChatGPT that transforms user's ideas into actionable concepts, offering interior design assistance on demand.

It can address a variety of user queries, from providing suggestions on how to rebuild a kitchen, to giving advice on fitting a childs room into an existing master bedroom.

It can also provide solutions to space-related issues, such as how to optimize the space in an apartment. With a welcoming interface and starter prompts to help guide user inquiries, it makes interior design accessible for everyone, regardless of their previous experience or knowledge in the area.

By offering personalized design suggestions based on each unique inquiry, this GPT essentially functions as a virtual interior designer, ready to help users reimagine and reinvent their spaces.

To make use of this tool's capabilities, it does require a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

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