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Homestyler AI is an innovative tool designed to intelligently assist in the design of home spaces. It serves a wide range of customers including interior designers, brands and retailers, real estate professionals, schools, and homeowners.

The platform provides an interactive environment to plan floors, design kitchens and bathrooms, and even offers features for team collaboration. Its mobile app compatibility ensures that designs can be created and modified on the go.

Homestyler AI brings life to designs by offering visualization tools including video rendering, virtual studio, VR and AR technology, and 3D viewer for a more immersive design experience.

The platform incorporates services such as 3D modeling and content creation to enhance the user experience. It also offers users the unique ability to upload a photo of their rooms, select a design style and room type, after which it generates a design image.

Updates to the tool include supporting multi-floor DWG files and floor alignment, construction drawing editing, and custom parameters for windows and doors.

Overall, Homestyler AI is a comprehensive tool for designing and visualizing home interiors.


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Apr 14, 2024
Using Homestyler AI has been an absolute game-changer for my interior design projects! The AI Home Designer feature makes bringing my ideas to life effortless, and the range of design options caters to every style. Plus, the collaboration capabilities make teamwork seamless. Truly impressed!

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Pros and Cons


Personalized design generation
Floor planning feature
Kitchen and bath design
Collaboration capabilities
Mobile app availability
Video renderings
Virtual studio capabilities
Supports VR and AR
3D modeling services
Home design assistance
3D content creation
Variety of user categories
Step-by-step instruction tutorials
Design inspiration gallery
Forum for designing discussion
Regular functionalities update
Construction drawing editing
Parametric windows and doors
Multi-floor DWG file support
Structure model rotation
Tile flooring in models
Interactive design environment
Designs from room photo
Multi-floor alignment
Custom parameters for features
Arc wall drawing
Wall alignment
Quickly replacing the models


Lacks in-depth customization options
No offline functionality
Limited style and room options
Absence of real-time design preview
No multi-language support
Requires strong stable internet
Limited AR/VR features
No specific tool for exterior design
No cross-platform synchronization


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