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Design your interior & exterior in less than 30 seconds with AI.
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The Online AI Interior Design App & Generator is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate interior and exterior designs. The application allows users to upload an image of an interior or exterior space, customize the design mode, type, and style, and consequently generate a fully-fledged design.

With its user-friendly interface, you can create innovative designs for your home or your property in a short time, without needing professional help.

The tool stands out for its ability to design both the inside and the outside of properties, providing flexibility that suits various types of spaces including but not limited to: bedrooms, living rooms, offices, kitchens, and even spaces like the porch or deck.

Multiple styles of design are offered, ranging from modern, traditional, rustic, to more nuanced styles like bohemian and moroccan. This ensures compatibility with various personal tastes and architectural considerations.

The tool also offers different plan options to suit different needs, making it not only a potent interior and exterior design tool but also a versatile one, with wide applicability.

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Pros and Cons


Interior & exterior design
User-friendly interface
Quick design generation
Upload image function
Wide space compatibility
Multiple design styles
Customizable design mode
Personal taste compatibility
Multiple plan options
Design for various spaces
Can customize materials colors
Can design specific rooms
Can design outdoor spaces
Variety of plan prices
High design generation volume
Room-specific design selection
Style-specific design selection
Design intensity customization
Easy step-by-step guidance
Lite, Plus, Imagination plans
Monthly design quantity options


Costly monthly plans
No free trial
No offline usage
Long processing time
Images upload only
No multi-user support
Limited designs for lite plan
No design history
Non-intuitive customization options
Lack of advanced features


What is the AIInteriorDesign Online app?
How does AIInteriorDesign generate interior and exterior designs?
What do I need to start designing with AIInteriorDesign?
Can AIInteriorDesign offer professional-level designs?
Is there a limit to the type of spaces AIInteriorDesign can design?
What design styles does AIInteriorDesign support?
How does the AIInteriorDesign's design mode work?
How customizable are designs on AIInteriorDesign?
Can AIInteriorDesign be used for both home and property designs?
What different plans does AIInteriorDesign offer?
Is AIInteriorDesign user-friendly?
Can I customize the design style on AIInteriorDesign to suit my personal taste?
How long does it take to generate a design with AIInteriorDesign?
Do I need any design skills to use AIInteriorDesign?
Is it possible to design my porch or deck with AIInteriorDesign?
Does AIInteriorDesign offer diverse styles like bohemian and moroccan?
Can I use the AIInteriorDesign app for exterior design?
How do I upload an image to AIInteriorDesign?
What are the differences between the design plans on AIInteriorDesign?
Can AIInteriorDesign help me experiment with different materials and colors?

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