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Turn your ideas into professional interior designs with our easy-to-use AI software.
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Room AI is an AI-powered tool designed to transform ideas into professional interior designs. This user-friendly software offers a multitude of design styles for users to explore and experiment with.

The tool adopts a flexible approach, allowing users to either revamp an existing room by uploading a picture of it, or design a new room from scratch.

The AI algorithm then provides photo-realistic renders of the room in different design styles. A key feature of Room AI is the ability to customize designs further by selecting various materials and color palettes.

The objective is to help users visualize and create their perfect space in an easy, accessible manner. The tool additionally presents a beneficial aid for various professionals, including interior designers, architects, and real estate agents, offering a quick and efficient method to generate and demonstrate design ideas.

Room AI places strong emphasis on privacy, ensuring user data and uploads are handled securely and confidentially. The software can be accessed and used free of charge.

Roomai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


40+ design styles
No downloads or installs
Two main functionalities
Before-and-after visualization
Multiple photo-realistic renders
Covers various room types
Different material selection
User-friendly interface
Customization options
Secure payment via Stripe
Strict privacy measures
Developed with industry professionals
New and restyle design
Has free version
Material and color exploration
Design customization and personalization
Secure and private user data
Ideal tool for home owners
Ideal tool for interior designers
Ideal tool for real estate agents
Helpful for architectural planning
Virtual renovation and visualization
Efficient design idea generation
Design-focused advice and resources
Accessible and user-friendly
Can be used commercially
Suitable for different room styles
Wide variety of design styles
Upload images for easy restyling
Ideal tool for architects
High quality, photorealistic rendering
Handles personal and commercial use
Beneficial for professionals in design industry
Free to try with no commitments
Stimulate design ideas without needing professional skills
Augments professional designer skills
Ensures user-friendly and secure transactions
Committed to user data and privacy
Collaboration with users and experts
Allows visualization of dream designs
Various material recommendations


No offline capability
Limited to 40 styles
No multi-room design capability
Dependent on image quality for restyling
No 3D view option
Limited material and color options
Inflexible for professional designers
No integration with architectural software
Limited technical specializations for different room types
No mobile application support


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