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Making interior design accessible to everyone.
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Palazzo is an AI-powered tool designed to make the process of interior design accessible and personalized. The tool's main objective is to bring user's unique interior style visions to life.

Users start by taking a style quiz to discover their personal design DNA. Following this, Vinci, an AI-powered design assistant, guides them in executing their unique style.

It's an interactive tool that allows users to experiment and see their ideas come to life. There's also a feature for style transfer, which can apply the style from an inspiration photo or the user's Aesthetic DNA to any room.

In addition, Palazzo offers object segmentation capability where Vinci analyzes photos and aids in changing specific elements in the room, such as furniture, rugs, and art, according to user preference.

Lastly, Palazzo offers a growing design community, where users can find and follow like-minded design enthusiasts and professionals, share their designs and ask for advice.


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Palazzo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized design
Style quiz feature
Interactive design tool
Style Transfer
Aesthetic DNA application
Object segmentation feature
Design Community
Ability to experiment design
Visual simulation possibility
Ability to change room elements
Home decor support
DIY design friendly
Easy interface
Reflection of personal style
Vibrant and growing user community
Photo analysis for redesign
Furniture, rugs, and art adjustment
Exploration of various design possibilities
Instant style application
Photo-based style application
Allows keeping preferred elements
Continuous design trend updates
Design personalization focus
Ability to share designs
Access to professional advice
Easy conversation-like design
Accessible to users of all experience levels
Capable of changing specific elements
Interior design made accessible
Palazzo product updates
Real-time design simulation
Saves room segmentation
Story-based design crafting
Design tips on demand
Quick style application to rooms
Interior design community participation
Easy sharing of design inspirations
Dissect photos in objects


Limited style preferences
Requires personal photos
No offline usage
Potential privacy concerns
Dependent on quiz accuracy
Lacks professional interior design input
Specific functionality may be confusing
Segmentation effectiveness not guaranteed
No collaborative features for shared projects
Depends on active community participation


What is Palazzo?
How does Palazzo work?
What is Vinci in relation to Palazzo?
What is a style quiz and why is it necessary?
How does Palazzo make interior design accessible to everyone?
Could you explain more about the style transfer feature?
What is design DNA and how does Palazzo help discover it?
What is object segmentation in the context of Palazzo?
How can I interact with the design community in Palazzo?
How can I share my designs and ask for advice in Palazzo?
How does Palazzo make my design ideas come to life?
How personalized can my designs be using Palazzo?
What benefits can I get from using Palazzo?
Can I apply my own style in Palazzo?
Does Palazzo offer any sort of design inspiration or trends?
What makes Palazzo stand out from other home decor and design platforms?
Can I change specific elements in my room using Palazzo?
How does Vinci analyze photos to aid in changing specific elements in my room?
Why is a tool like Palazzo important for DIY design?
Can Palazzo help me in executing my unique style?

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