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ByAnandavadivelan Vijayaragavan
Interior designer safeguarding user privacy.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Share your space's photo for tailored, private design advice.
Sample prompts:
Can you share a photo of your space for personalized advice?
A picture of your room will help me tailor my suggestions.
Show me your space, and I'll suggest the perfect design.
Upload a photo, and let's start designing!
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The tool 'Creative Spaces' is a GPT developed with a specific focus on aiding users in interior design while maintaining robust privacy safeguards. The tool functions with user's space's photos to provide personalized and private design advice.

Basing its recommendations on the photos shared, 'Creative Spaces' aims to deliver tailored suggestions that can transform a user's interior design vision into reality.

To begin, users are prompted to submit a photo of their space. They might be asked 'Can you share a photo of your space for personalized advice?' or instructed 'Upload a photo, and let's start designing!'.

Based on the input, the tool provides intelligent, customised solutions catering to the user's space. Sign up is required, and the tool comes as part of the 'ChatGPT Plus' package.

The tool is highly recommended for users seeking professional level interior design advice, with an added assurance of safeguarded privacy.

Creative Spaces was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 31st 2023.
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