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Decorous: AI Home Makeovers

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Decorous: AI Home Makeovers is a powerful AI-based interior design tool designed to help users create the home of their dreams. With just a few taps, users can snap a picture of their desired room and receive personalized interior design suggestions tailored to their specific needs.

Decorous offers a variety of popular styles, from warm mid-century modern to cool industrial, and users can select from a range of curated color palettes to suit the mood they are going for.

The app also offers a free trial period for Decorous Pro, which users can access with in-app purchases. Decorous is a great tool for interior design enthusiasts, offering a user-friendly and powerful way to transform their living space.


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Decorous: AI Home Makeovers was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Variety of design styles
Curated color palettes
Snapshot-based design suggestions
Free trial for Pro
User-friendly interface
Well-received by users
High user rating
Small download size
Offers in-app purchases
Compatible with iOS devices
Designed for iPad specifically
Data not linked to user
Can redesign multiple rooms
Professional design results
Multiple Pro pricing options
Great for beginners
Inspires renovation ideas
Allows vision creation
Highly rated by designers
Great for small business owners
Easy to navigate
App supports a designer's work
Useful for home makeovers
Encourages creativity in design
Mobile and in-hand convenience
Utility category app
Available in English
Supports latest iOS versions
Developer provides support
Privacy policy available
Developer's website accessible


Only on Apple devices
Expensive In-App Purchases
Limited design styles
Limited color palettes
No Android version
Unclear privacy policies
Requires iOS 15.5 or later
Limited to room pictures
User data usage unclear
No offer for professionals


What is Decorous: AI Home Makeovers?
How does Decorous work?
What styles does Decorous offer?
How can I tailor Decorous to my specific needs?
What is the role of the photograph in using Decorous?
Can I select different color palettes in Decorous?
Is there a trial period for Decorous Pro?
What are the in-app purchases in Decorous?
How user-friendly is Decorous?
Is Decorous only available on the App store?
What devices can support Decorous?
Are there any ratings or reviews for Decorous?
What additional features does Decorous Pro offer?
How are my privacy concerns addressed in Decorous?
What is the cost of Decorous Pro?
Does Decorous require any specific iOS version to operate?
What languages does Decorous support?
Can Decorous be used by novices in interior design?
Does Decorous offer any support or help guides?
Who is the developer of Decorous?

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