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Your Personal AI Interior Designer: Transform Any Space
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Welcome to PaintIt.AI: Revolutionizing Property Visualization with AI

Who We Are:
At PaintIt.AI, we are pioneering the future of property visualization. Our innovative startup harnesses artificial intelligence's power to transform how homeowners, interior designers, real estate agents, and architects envision and design spaces.

Our Products:
Inspiration: Unlock a world of creative possibilities! Our AI-driven tool generates unique and inspiring design ideas, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re revamping a living room or conceptualizing a new office space, 'Inspiration' is your go-to source for fresh, innovative concepts.

Fill the Space: Visualize the potential of any room with ease. Our 'Fill the Space' feature allows users to see how different design elements can be combined within a given space. From furniture layouts to decor accents, explore many options to find the perfect fit for your room.

Redesign: Reinvent any space with our powerful 'Redesign' tool. This feature offers a comprehensive overhaul, allowing you to reimagine and remodel spaces with groundbreaking AI suggestions. Whether a subtle refresh or a complete transformation, 'Redesign' helps you bring your vision to life.

For Whom:
Our platform is designed for:
- Home Owners: Envision and create your dream home with our intuitive tools.
- Interior Designers: Elevate your design process with AI-generated ideas and solutions.
- Real Estate Agents: Enhance property listings and presentations with stunning, realistic visualizations.
- Architects: Experiment with innovative designs and concepts effortlessly.

Types of Properties and Spaces:
We cater to a wide range of properties and spaces, including:

- Residential: From cozy apartments to sprawling houses.
- Commercial: Office spaces, retail outlets, and more.
- Exterior: Visualize outdoor spaces and facades (currently in development).
- Events: Plan and design event spaces (upcoming feature).

What’s Next:
We’re constantly evolving! Stay tuned for our upcoming features for Exterior and Events spaces, set to redefine the standards of spatial design and planning.

Join us at PaintIt.AI and experience the future of space design and visualization!
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Feb 2, 2024
It says free on here but when i went to try it out it is definitely not free it is charging you.
Jul 21, 2023
That's amazing! So inspiring.
Jul 21, 2023
Enjoy our new AI freemium product!

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Pros and Cons


Generates interior design moodboards
User-friendly interface
Input user preferences
Produces custom visualizations
Reference or inspiration points
Option to connect with professionals
Streamlines interior design process
Gallery of recent visualizations
Assists in visualizing design ideas
Caters to individual needs


No offline functionality
No mobile application
Limited customization options
No multi-language support
Design professional matchmaking unvetted
No visualization export option
No batch processing
No user community/forum
No design data security
Limited gallery references


What is
How does use AI to generate interior design moodboards?
Can I personalize the visualizations on to fit my needs?
What type of interface does offer?
How can assist me in my interior design process?
Does only serve as a generator for moodboards?
Does connect me with professional interior designers?
Can I see examples of visualizations created by other users on
Does require me to enable JavaScript?
In what time frame can I create a visualization with
Can I ask for professional design assistance through
How user-friendly is the tool?
Is accessible to novice interior designers?
Are there any categories or filters I can apply to my designs on
What are some key features of
Why use for my interior design moodboards?
Is suitable for designing any kind of interior space?
What are the technical requirements to run
Can aid me in renovating my current space?
Who can invest in and how?


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