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ByKaicheng Zhou
Design your home in few words.
GPT welcome message: Hello
Sample prompts:
Design my room into scandinavian style living room
Change the color palette warmer
Inspire me with more cyberpunk elements
Make me a room all in natural material
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AI Interior Designer is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) that assists users in designing and decorating their homes based on specific user input.

Users can interact with this tool by submitting a variety of prompts to articulate their design preferences and receive a generated design or design ideas accordingly.

The chat-based interface that this GPT uses allows for a dynamic conversation about interior design choices. This tool can work with a wide range of design styles as demonstrated by its prompt starters.

For instance, users can request for a Scandinavian style for their living room or a room with natural material elements. It can also suggest ways to alter the color palette of a room to fit the user's liking, or inspire them with specific genre elements, such as cyberpunk.

This GPT can be a valuable tool for those looking to design a space but need a starting point or some guidance in the process. Its ability to generate varied design ideas based on straightforward prompts makes it very user-friendly and versatile.

Thus, it can facilitate the design process, giving users the convenience and creativity of an interior designer, all powered by AI.

AI Interior Designer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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